Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue had robbed Sheri of what she believed would be a normal life.  Constant pain and fatigue consumed her every day.  Sheri admits she had tried “everything” available with no luck, but decided to try a Purelife product without any real expectations.  After using that product, and finding relief from the pain, Sheri became a believer and has purchased many more products.  Sheri reached out to Purelife to share her results and has become  a loyal and very valued customer of Purelife.  We would like to share some of her success story with you.

PL: Good morning Sheri.  How did you find out about Purelife?

Sheri:  I was introduced to Purelife from a mutual friend of one of the owners.  He told me about the company asked me to look at their website.

PL: What was your general health like a couple of months ago? 

Sheri:  I had been struggling with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for several years. It devastated me, rocked me to the core and turned my world upside down. I knew that my life would not be the same. I fought tooth and nail, denying my diagnosis, but there was no denying it, especially when I couldn’t get myself out of bed.

PL: With your diagnosis can you tell us a little bit about the daily struggles you had?  What types of activities were difficult?

Sheri:  The pain in my body was excruciating and the fatigue made it even worse.  Some days just getting out of bed was a struggle, let alone trying to complete normal tasks that we take for granted.  I just couldn’t get away from the pain.

PL: What types of treatments or supplements have you tried in the past to help you feel better? 

Sheri:  I have tried everything, and I mean everything that could possibly make a difference in my body and give me relief from the pain. I was desperate!! I will give you a short list of products that I tried out to give you a general idea of things I tried, hoping the latest greatest thing to help with the fibromyalgia pain! I took pain medication, muscle relaxers, ibuprofen, antidepressants, vitamins, lotions, creams and everything in between. Oh, the money I spent on different products I could have taken a nice vacation in Paris..!! Ugh! Life was a struggle, and I learned to live with the pain, and stopped looking for solutions!  I felt like “why, things didn’t work anyway.”

PL: What was the first product you purchased, and did you see any results?

Sheri:  When I heard about Purelife products, I thought to myself, “here I go again wasting money”, but I’m also open minded enough to at least try to help a friend with his business. What the heck, right? I started with the product, Magne Soothe magnesium oil. It wasn’t greasy, it had a light gentle scent, and I was pleasantly impressed by how much pain relief I actually did get! It took about two weeks to get fully absorbed into my body, but two weeks is nothing compared to years of chronic pain! I am sold on the magnesium oil!

PL: What other Purelife products have you purchased and how have they helped you?

Sheri:  Since having a great experience with the oil, I bought the Magnesium body balm, great for cramps in legs, feet and hands. If you have a cramp, you just rub the balm in or spray on the oil and get relief.

I was having lower back issues, and I heard the Mg12 Sport roll-on was helpful for relieving pain, and “boom” it worked like a champ! After all the success with the magnesium products, I became a big believer in the company and the products they sell.

My next purchase was the Pure Hydration Antioxidant Water Ionizer.  Since drinking this water, my energy level has gone up and am not dragging myself around all day! After drinking water from my Pure Hydration do you think I can drink regular tap water?  No way! Plus, I like that the Pure Hydration filters out so many contaminants from my drinking water.

I then purchased the Hydro Bullet so I could drink alkaline water when I’m on the go. You just fill it with water, shake it a little and you have alkaline antioxidant water within 15-20 seconds no matter where you are!  I am impressed, and I don’t impress easily!

I just purchased the hydro flask, which holds hot or cold water and preserves the properties of my water for like a week!  I’m without excuse for not drinking the best water available. Again, I have noticed that my energy level has increased, my hair is softer, shinier and my skin feels smoother, so amazing!

And of course, I purchased the Vita Care shower system.  It’s my own little home “spa.”  I already take long showers, but, oh my goodness… Now, it’s difficult to get myself out of the shower!  This awesome shower system holds Vitamin C and essential oil cartridge and when you turn your shower on, you get a blast of zesty orange sweetness and the most delicious, refreshing, and uplifting way to start your day.  I absolutely love it!

PL: How would you rate the quality of the products you’ve purchased? 

Sheri:  If I had to rate the products, no doubt I would give all the products five stars!! And two thumbs up!!

PL: How would you rate the service you’ve received from Purelife? 

Sheri:  The service is outstanding, and the customer service went above and beyond my expectations!! Thank you Purelife!

PL: Would you recommend Purelife products to friends or your family?

Sheri:  I would most definitely recommend ALL THE PRODUCTS to my family, friends and neighbors to! Keep up the great work!