Heart health and alkaline water could be a game changer.

“The more alkaline the water, the greater the protective effect on the arteries” is the conclusion of the largest ever review of studies on the health benefits of drinking water for your heart. The study examined research conducted over several decades, and included tens of thousands of test subjects.

Alkaline water has easy-to-absorb magnesium which is great for your heart. Pure Hydration is the worlds most popular and affordable all-natural, non-electric alkaline water ionizer.

What makes alkaline water good for your heart? Calcium and magnesium. You need to get adequate levels of both minerals in the water you drink for better heart health. If you are struggling with heart disease, drinking alkaline water is one of the easiest and safest things you can do for your heart.

Magnesium to the rescue: When your heart attacks

Let’s say you are rushed to the hospital with a heart attack. The doctor may have only seconds to save your life. What does she/he do? Give you an intravenous shot of magnesium. Emergency room physicians give heart attack victims a magnesium booster shot because that has been shown to one of the most effective means of restoring normal heart function as soon as possible. Your heart loves magnesium.

10 Year Study on Wisconsin Farmers shows the importance of minerals for heart health

A report by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory found that having adequate levels of calcium and magnesium in water significantly reduced heart attacks and strokes suffered by Wisconsin farmers. Researchers compared the water of 505 Wisconsin farmers, aged 35 to 80, who died from heart attack or stroke, with the well water of 854 living Wisconsin farmers in the same age group who showed no clinical evidence of heart disease. They found that the farmers who had died drank water that lacked minerals. The farmers whose well water was mineral rich were mostly free of heart disease.

You are what you absorb: Why water pH matters

The pH of the water you’re drinking affects what kinds of minerals your body retains. Two studies were done in Sweden on women who drank well water. They showed that the women who drank acidic well water absorbed toxic metals like mercury. The women who drank alkaline well water absorbed calcium and magnesium from it.

This finding was confirmed in clinical testing. Female volunteers were given either acidic water or alkaline water to drink for the study. Both waters had an equal amount of calcium in them. Blood and urine testing showed that the women who drank the acidic water discharged the calcium from the water in their urine. The women who drank alkaline water absorbed and retained much of the calcium from the water. The findings in the Swedish studies caused researchers to conclude that drinking alkaline water may protect you from the toxic effects of mercury.

Blood pressure and cholesterol benefits of alkaline water

Clinical research suggests there are two main benefits for your heart that come from drinking alkaline water: First, it can lower your blood pressure. Secondly, it can help reduce levels of the two most dangerous forms of cholesterol; triglycerides and Very Low-Density Lipoprotein (V-LDL) cholesterol.

A 2011 study followed four middle-aged people who were clinically obese and had never drunk alkaline water before. The test subjects were given 2 liters per day of alkaline water to drink. Over the course of two months, the test subjects cholesterol levels declined from 197 mg/L to 180 mg/L. Triglycerides dropped the most, from 110 mg/L to 87 mg/L. V-LDL cholesterol dropped from 22.3 mg/L to 17.5 mg/L. Alkaline water lowered the cholesterol levels in all test subjects.

The best alkaline water for heart health

Antioxidant: For best results, you should drink alkaline water with antioxidant potential. Oxidation is a major factor in the cholesterol build up and hardened arteries. Antioxidant alkaline water has been shown to have a sparing effect on the antioxidant enzymes in your body that fight cholesterol build up.

Mineral content: The National Academy of Sciences recommends a minimum water hardness of 170 mg/L. Water hardness is the total amount of calcium and magnesium combined. The ideal ratio of calcium to magnesium is 4:1, which means four parts calcium to every one part magnesium.

For more information about the content of your water, click here for to see what’s really going on.  A free water quality report.

pH level: Health experts recommend alkaline water in a pH range of 8.5 to 9.5 for daily drinking.

If your water has enough minerals in it, all you need to do to make it perfect for heart health is to alkalize and ionize it. A water ionizer does both: It raises the pH of your water by converting the hard-to-absorb bicarbonate minerals in your tap water into easy-to-absorb alkaline mineral hydrates. Then it ionizes it with antioxidant potential. For best results, you want the highest possible antioxidant level in alkaline water with a pH level from 8.5 to 9.5. Life Ionizers guarantees that you will get the highest possible antioxidant potential in your water in that perfect pH range of 8.5 to 9.5 when using our top of the line Life Ionizers.

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