The benefits of soft water for your home far outweigh the operating costs of owning a water softener.  With everyone looking for ways to cut back and save money, many people forget to look within their own water systems for the answer.

The addition of a Pure House 2800 water softener / filtration whole-house system in a home or office can significantly reduce your utility costs as well as improving the water you use for drinking and bathing.

With the Pure House 2800 you’re buying more than just a water softener, you’re actually helping improve your life.

Why is there a growing interest in water softeners? Obviously there are significant cost and environmental benefits, but why are people so interested in softening water all of a sudden?

“It is time to focus on the importance of clean, pure water, and the essential role it plays in our health. As water quality continues to decline globally, we must continue to develop affordable and effective means to make safe and revitalize the water in which we bathe and drink. We will change the way you feel about water as you experience the financial and health benefits associated with the Pure House 2800 Water Softener/Filtration Whole House System.”

The market for water softeners is expanding. More people are implementing the process into other forms of water treatment.

Cost benefits

We are all searching for areas where we can cut back. In the cost of a softener, you have to spend money to save money, but in the long run the cost benefits from using a water softener will more than pay for themselves.

There are numerous cost savings from water softening devices, whether they are traditional ion exchange or membrane-based systems.  The most noted benefit is reduced fuel consumption from the hardness scale prevention in water heaters and boilers.

An example would be:

A 1/16-inch thick layer of hardness scale can reduce heat transfer by about 12 percent, which is directly proportional to the increased amount of fuel required to compensate for the loss.

There are numerous articles about how hard water can quickly add to your bills. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a water softener would have the opposite effect and save you money.

All appliances that rely on water to either fuel or accomplish a task benefit greatly from softened water. It ensures better performance and extended life of the appliance, such as dishwashers and laundry machines, as well as drinking water systems.

The amount of money saved on utilities could be in the thousands because with a water softener the water heater will be able to function more efficiently.

People are becoming much more aware of the health effects from drinking water. The benefits of soft water and filtration can have a huge impact of the quality of water being distributed in homes and businesses.