Pure Hydrogen – Portable Hydrogen Generator



Hydrogen rich water wherever you go. Our best-in-class portable hydrogen generator allows you to use the double walled insulated glass or connect to standard drinking water bottles.

  • Molecular Hydrogen rating of 800 – 1,600 parts per billion (PPB)
  • Oxidative Reduction Potential (ORP) -450
  • Solid Polymer Membrane (SPE) electrolysis chamber
  • Multi-timer programs for increased molecular hydrogen production
  • Works with bottled, filtered, distilled, and RO water
  • Micro-clustering of molecules for fast cellular absorption


Molecular Hydrogen rich water is beneficial in:

  • Slowed aging by neutralizing free radicals
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improved cellular pH
  • Better Quality Sleep
  • Healthier skin
  • Improved absorption of nutrients
  • Fast and efficient metabolism
  • Improved Liver and kidney performance
  • Reducing allergies
  • Preventing cancer
  • Lowering LDL cholesterol and plaque
  • Reducing overall oxidative stress

Pure Hydrogen is a portable hydrogen water generator designed to enrich drinking water by adding large quantities of (H2) Molecular Hydrogen. Molecular Hydrogen serves as the smallest known antioxidant on earth able to transfer the permeable barrier in the small intestine and quickly enter the bloodstream. Once in the blood stream, H2 is delivered throughout the body on a cellular basis where trillions of negative ions neutralize free radicals caused by reactive oxygen as result of the typical American lifestyle, diet, and environment. Free radicals are the result of oxidative stresses placed on the body and are the basis of inflammation and illness.

The advanced design of Pure Hydrogen incorporates a Solid Polymer Electronic (SPE) electrolysis membrane that is able to create pure hydrogen rich water void of ozone, chlorine, and other harmful oxides that competitor brands leave in the water. Harmful elements are separated and stored in small holding cell located at the bottom of the unit that is emptied every 5-6 uses. The unit has two settings (5 and 7 minute) creating 1,000 – 1,400 PPB H2 with ORP rating of -450 mv. Designed with small wastewater compartment in the lower portion and a double wall insulated 12oz. glass.

PEM Electrolysis


PureLife proudly supports the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation, an independent foundation striving to spread the knowledge and science of Molecular Hydrogen around the globe.

CosanMolecular Hydrogen (H2) and Hydrogen Rich Water have been shown to be a beneficial treatment in over 150 identified human conditions. Testing has centered (to date) in Japan and Asia, but the science and results gained are spreading worldwide.

CosanMolecular Hydrogen and Hydrogen Rich Water has been shown to be a very effective and selective antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory agent, and improves cell signaling in our bodies, which could possibly help us all to live longer healthier lives.

For more information on Molecular Hydrogen, visit The Molecular Hydrogen Foundation online at: www.molecularhydrogenfoundation.org

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