Purelife products are designed to help you live better and healthier lives and we strive to deliver high quality and affordable solutions.

We would like to highlight another company and business owner that sells environmentally friendly products.  We believe in this company and encourage you to visit their website.

Mandy Hoffard is an Independent Sales Consultant for Norwex.  We recently had the opportunity to spend a day with Mandy and her son Travis, and we were very impressed with their products, integrity, faith, and business acumen.  Mandy is also the owner of Marchant Home Furnishings

Norwex products will allow you to reduce and, in many cases, eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in your home.  We like them all, but there is one product in particular that is a perfect fit for owners of our Pure House 2800 Whole House Water Filtration System.  Norwex’s  Laundry Detergent  is highly concentrated without phosphates and fillers.  You will use a fraction of the amount of normal laundry detergents, which are full of chemicals.  We have used this detergent and love it!

Here’s Mandy’s Story:

A friend told me over 8 years ago that she knew I would love these amazing cleaning cloths she’s been using.  I ignored her (ever so politely, of course!) because I was pretty sure it was a weird scam and I was just fine with the way I’d been doing things.  After all, at that point I had been married for 20 years, had 7 beautiful children, and had kept a pretty clean and tidy home for all those years. She gave me these 2 amazing cleaning cloths as a gift anyway (what a sweet and smart friend!!) and the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth changed everything for me and my family!  These fabulous green cleaning solutions that use top of the line microfiber to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface (when following the proper care and use instructions) blew me away with their perfect results, ease of use, and lack of harmful chemical smells my family and I were breathing as I cleaned with them. I literally yelled every person’s name in my household so they’d come look at how fast I got this perfect streak-free shine and with JUST WATER!!!  I knew immediately that I wanted, no needed, EVERYTHING from this company! It took me a while, but finally, 2 years later, I became a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant!

I quickly learned to use and love all the other environmentally friendly home and body cleaning solutions and I quickly, and excitedly, replaced all the toxic chemicals in our home with Norwex!  I continue to be thoroughly impressed and amazed at the results we get with these amazing products! They work and save us so much time, money, effort, energy, space, our health, and the environment!

Not only do I love the products, but I also love the company and our mission “to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.” Through Norwex, I’m able to run my own business, serve people in my community and beyond, and improve the environment. My personal goal is to help, encourage, and inspire others to know better and do better for themselves and for their families – to help them, too, save time, money, effort, energy, space, their health, and the environment!

What a huge blessing it is for me and my family to be a small part of a big, exciting mission, in an awesome company, with amazing cutting-edge products!

Please visit Mandy’s website and consider how these products can benefit your home.   https://mandyhoffard.norwex.biz