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Alkaline Antioxidant Water Travel Ionizer

The best Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer!  When you’re on the go and need healthy water fast, simply reach for your Hydro Bullet. The 24-oz travel mineralizer is designed with a proprietary blend of natural minerals that transform bottled water into Alkaline Antioxidant Water in just Minutes!

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Alkaline Antioxidant Water will improve your body’s pH balance, digestive health, sleep, weight loss, skin tone, blood circulation, and detoxification. Alkaline Antioxidant Water is known to slow the aging process by adding abundant anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals within the body while reducing oxidative stress, acidity, and inflammation.

Most people would be surprised to learn that the average bottled water is both acidic and oxidizing, lacking in important minerals and qualities that are beneficial to the overall health of your body. Hydro Bullet provides the healthiest water possible when you’re on the go. Invest in your health and enjoy the benefits of drinking Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Water.

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Provides the body with Molecular Hydrogen ions when combined with water, which are essential for the proper functioning of many of the body’s vital organs such as the brain, heart, liver and kidneys.

Restructures the molecular structure of water into micro-clustered groups for quick cellular absorption. Has been proven to enhance blood circulation and reduce fatigue, stress-imposed pain, and anxiety.

Softens hard water for better taste and texture creating a smooth pure hydrating water. The minerals present in Red Clay enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms.

Activated carbon absorbs and removes impurities and odor from the water while increasing alkalinity.


PureLife proudly supports the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation, an independent foundation striving to spread the knowledge and science of Molecular Hydrogen around the globe.

Cosan Molecular Hydrogen (H2) and Hydrogen Rich Water have been shown to be a beneficial treatment in over 150 identified human conditions. Testing has centered (to date) in Japan and Asia, but the science and results gained are spreading worldwide.

Cosan Molecular Hydrogen and Hydrogen Rich Water has been shown to be a very effective and selective antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory agent, and improves cell signaling in our bodies, which could possibly help us all to live longer healthier lives.

For more information on Molecular Hydrogen, visit The Molecular Hydrogen Foundation online at: www.molecularhydrogenfoundation.org

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10 reviews for Hydro Bullet – Portable Alkaline Water Ionizer

  1. davidb123

    This product is unreal. I have alkaline water anywhere I go! I just add water and it’s done. I love it.


    I take it to work and put the bottled water in it all day! Perfect!

  3. Burks15

    This bottle is great, I take it to the office everyday, I have found thate the alkalized water is easier to drink, I find myself drinking much more water withouth even realizing it. It is so convienent for a life on the go.

  4. Baker

    I love my red one! Water taste great and I always have Alkaline antioxidant water!! Buying more for gifts!

  5. Sharonb37 (verified owner)

    Love my Hydro Bullet. Have taken it to Seattle, Spokane and now to Seaside, OR. It allows me to stay hydrated with pure alkaline anti-oxident water. The water is light and airy does not feel heavy in your stomach. How can that not be healthy and refreshing? I was never a water drinker until I purchased my Hydro Bullet. I would recommend it for everyone.

  6. caryle (verified owner)

    I have two so I can leave one at work and always have one for on the go, great tasting water and soooo easy, love it!!!

  7. btgarrigues@comcast.net (verified owner)

    Product is amazing! I have been using mine for over two months now and have never felt better. My acid reflux has improved as well.
    These would make ideal Christmas gifts this year…

  8. Eugene

    I love alkaline water but couldn’t afford the Pure Hydration at first. This bullet was a great investment and I use it a ton! The water is great & I checked the pH. Yes it is alkaline; Yes it works! I will be getting the Pure Hydration when I get my bonus for sure!

  9. Debbie McCowan – Minnehan (verified owner)

    Love my new GREEN Hydro Bullet and how fresh the pure Alkaline antioxidant water tastes. Now, it’s so easy to stay hydrated with the ease of taking the bullet everywhere I go!!!
    My digestion has improved as well as my arthritis pain too! I look forward to more of the amazing health benefits of your products! Thank you!

  10. Mearley

    This is the best! I love having my healthy water with me at all times!

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